Why does people want it suddenly?

He told me not to see People's Dark Side, but I done.

Hello, I am very glad to receive your message.
My hope I wish to tell you could have reached to you just same as mine, which might have crossed the border.
It is my pleasure if it could be by my poor English, but not by my heart.

Please excuse me to my delay reply.
Now I am in Tokyo to join the Tokyo mineral show as a seller.
It was finished yesterday and I am writing for you in the guesthouse.
I'm not a seller, but some dealers who read my blog had called me.
I had been too busy to check any mails at all.

In fact, Imori's Victoria Stone had not been given the valuation in Japan.
Everybody forgot that awesome jewelry.
I guess that's why most of them brought out to outside Japan.
I had known it for about 5 years, but almost Japanese didn't know it about this time last year.
It was so expensive for me.
I was longing for and never forgot it, and finally I could get it last year with your help.

Once, you told me about A's amazing bulk offer...was it one month ago?
In the Mineral Show, she came to me and gave her business card.
She said she grew fond of Victoria Stone recently - her great discovery.
After she got them for selling, she knew my Victoria Stone's blog article by her friends.
Why me, Why now?
I could not say her anything.
She said me it's nothing but business.

But her Vicrotia Stone is not sold out...because another seller had many stocks of Victoria Stone for best price.
That's an old man Mr.B who has been worked long time for Jewelry.
I found his booth in Tokyo Mineral Show through my friend.
Surprisely, he had Dr.Imori's originally ones.
I will write about another story of Victoria Stone.

There was only one who loved Victoria Stone in Japan.
He was gone 10 years ago.
Mr. B has taken over his stock, but it remained because Japanese doesn't like man-made Jewelry.
But this year, many customers visited B's shop and bought it.
When B was confused, his daughter told him about my blog.
In Japan, there was no articles on the web mentioned about Victoria Stone, without mine.
His daughter made brochure printing for her father, by referring to my blog article.

At first I visited his booth, he didn't greet me but said he knew about Usakoff - after I showed my staff pass.
I do not want to sell Victoria Stone but I purchased it for my blog readers.
B had been selling Victoria Stone for 10yen/1g.
I told him it would be so cheap.
It must be sold out soon...all wrong sellers coming soon!
I heard a rumor in this show, there would be two Japanese sellers who have Victoria Stone stock.
One was A and another was unknown - I thought as Chinese faker - but B was genuine seller who has no web shop.

On last day of the show, I visited B again.
He was selling Victoria Stone 100yen/1g, also for me...he has changed.
His wife showed me the copies mentioned about Victoria Stone.
It was different from her daughter's and I understood its meaning.
She said me "go out. you're outsider".

But Mr. B stopped her, and said me;
"you can take them as you want, I can share with you just for $50.00."
I selected 3 pieces and I could not hope for many because it's sure it was Imori's wish.

Before leaving his booth, he handed me a synthetic Emerald.
How amazing gift! - it was also Imori's work.
No one knows about it, only him.
It was specially awesome gift for me; however, it's sure it also disappeared from the Historical Records of Japan.

After I will take a picture of it to send you.
I think Dr. Imori had loved green color of Nephrite in memories of his son.
I found out him father's love again, also daughter's.

Once in the past - Victoria Stone had faded away in Japan.
Why does people come to want it suddenly?
It might be the warning from Imori in my dream "Hatsuyume".
I guess he appeared in my dream and told me not to see People's Dark Side, but I done.


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